Small Victory Bread and Coffee Set to Open in Yaletown

We love a good tease.

And since early summer, that’s exactly what we’ve been getting every time we pass by 1088 Homer Street. But the promise of “Bread & Coffee” plastered across windows will always lead us to dig a little deeper.

Other than a few tidbits released via Twitter and Instagram, details have been scarce on this newcomer. But obviously we know how important your caffeine fix is to you, so we found four reasons Small Victory is a going to be a big win:   

1. Fly Your Pro-Gluten Flag
The menu is focused on big, beautiful, country-style breads. Scones, croissants, muffins, and cookies will round out the offering.

2. Lunch Dates
There will be 28 seats to sit and enjoy homemade sandwiches, meal-sized salads, and meat and cheese platters.

3. Phil & Sebastian Coffee
Served pour-over style, and with this mean-looking espresso machine.

4. The Design
Campos Leckie Studio injected a bright and fresh look – not to mention marble for days – into the rustic heritage space. 

They say watched dough never rises, but we can’t help but keep our eyes on this spot in anticipation of a late fall opening.


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