Small Counter, Huge Taste: Luther’s Chicken is Whole Hand Licking Good

Six weeks ago we told you Luther’s Chicken was coming. And after last night’s experience, we really hope you were listening. 

Tucked inside the small kitchen at Churchill, a block west of Dundas and Ossington, Luther’s Chicken is a two-man operation run by Knickoy Robinson and Kyle Hough (formally chef at La Cubana). Although technically a separate business from the bar, servers still take orders and your food and drink arrive on the same bill. This means less worry for you and more time to sit back and focus on some of the best Southern-inspired fried chicken you’ve ever had.

Through Churchill’s front window you can see a KFC directly across the street. Years ago, opening up a fried chicken counter in the shadow of Colonel Sanders might have been unthinkable. Now, with Luther’s Wednesday special (a towering chicken sandwich complete with pickles, tomato, aioli, and fresh bun) in front of us we can’t help but think that anyone considering buying their chicken elsewhere is the one not thinking.

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm-1am, Luther’s Chicken offers daily specials along with their standard 1 and 2-piece meals that come with a biscuit and sides of your choice that include macaroni salad, collared greens, fries, and sweet corn. The toonie Thursday option from 5-7pm gives you chicken and fries for less money than it costs to take the TTC. The Chicken in a Bag has to be our favourite option, though, if only for the simplicity of the name. Put some chicken in a bag, add fries and hot sauce, shake, and serve. Utensils optional.

The chicken itself is crisp, flavourful, and biting into is the closest we’ve come in a long time to feeling comfortable with the word moist. There are sauce options available but we’re through the first piece before we even think about adding something to the meat – it’s more than fine on its own. Kyle tells us that no less than five vegetarians have already been turned by the sweet smell of Southern spices and thrown in the proverbial towel. In a lot of other places we’d be skeptical of such a claim; here, not so much. 

While Churchill has always been a great place to grab a pint, Luther’s Chicken helps bring it to the level of destination. This, however, can lead to the small space filling up quickly. Luckily, you can call ahead and pick yours up to go whether it’s dinner time or it’s-late-I’m-drunk-where’s-my-chicken time. Either way, we suggest you try this bird out as soon as possible. Vegetarians, you’ve been warned. 

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