Six Things We Learned at ConnectOTT

Last week we took a short trip to the nation’s capital to take in a night of networking at ConnectOTT, which connected ambitious and driven young professionals with high-powered industry leaders across various sectors, empowering them to build the networks they need to thrive in their fields. Throughout a three-course dinner, participants had an opportunity to spend each course with a different executive – including our very own Julian Brass – allowing YPs in attendance to meet with executives across multiple industries in a small group setting, as well as with others in their field. Lucky for you, you didn’t have to be at the conference to benefit from its value; here are six pieces of advice from ConnectOTT that should sway you to consider buying a ticket for next year:

1. “There are always people who are able, and willing, to help. Do not be afraid to seek out a mentor or to ask questions.”
– Ursula Melinz, Partner, Soloway Wright LLP

2. “Success comes from marrying your passion with work ethic and integrity. Find what drives you and surround yourself by people that support your goals.”
– Jen Stewart, Owner, JS Communications

3. “Engage in conversation with those around you; ask questions, listen, and show interest. You never know who you could meet or what you could learn.”
– Samantha Cook, Social Media Manager, ConnectOTT Leadership Committee

4. “There is no such thing as a singular career path; professionals are branching out and merging sectors to create new opportunities, and it is so important to establish a strong network across industries to support the different aspects of your professional goals.”
– Danya Vered, Sponsorship Lead, ConnectOTT Leadership Committee

5. “Treat everyone with equal respect. The intern may be your boss one day.”
– Sara Rodier, Co-Chair, ConnectOTT Leadership Committee

6. “As you develop your leadership strengths and move into more complex business situations, make a life-long commitment to acquiring knowledge and skills.”
– Jim Orban, President and CEO, University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation 

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