Six Great Coffee Shops to Pick Up At

By Lisa Lagace

Toronto sometimes comes off as a hard place to meet new people.

We blame the concrete.

But if you’re in search of a good spot to find a date or a new special someone, we suggest trying your luck at one of these java-serving establishments.

After all, caffeine and love both make your heart beat a little faster. Coincidence? We think not.

Dark Horse
Dark Horse is known as a prime spot to meet people if only because their large communal tables force workers out of their little bubble and into social interactions. Find your next date by asking the cute guy seated next to you what he’s working on. Warning: if he says ‘a novel’, walk away. Quickly.

Snakes and Lattes
While a board game Cafe may not be a place you want to hit up all by yourself, bring a friend and ask the table next to you if you can join in. Alternatively, take it up a notch at their sister bar, Snakes & Lagers. Spin the bottle’s a board game, right?

White Squirrel
Named after the elusive white squirrel you can sometimes spot across the way in Trinity Bellwoods, this cafe’s prime location allows for a myriad of chances to spark a conversation with a total stranger.

Rooster Coffee House
East-enders swear by this tucked away shop for its communal tables, stylish décor, detailed latte art, and dog-friendly patio. There’s no easier way to pick up than by bringing your furry friend with you – or introducing yourself to someone else’s. Oh, and one of the best parks in the city across the street certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Saving Gigi
This Ossington hot spot is a hipster paradise and home of the Bloor Ossington Folk Festival. Come for the tunes and stay for a conversation with your neighbour about their favourite band. Every table is treated as communal – and we know that an open seat means an open possibility.

This popular Distillery location is a great place to find others hanging solo, and the gorgeous antique décor and interesting setting make for easy conversation starters with that well-read dude or femme to your left. Pro tip: place a high-end DSLR on your table if you want them to come to you.  


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