Sitting: A Common YP Habit as Harmful as Smoking

We are a generation of sitters. We sit in the car, we sit at our desk, and we sit on the couch. Thanks to modern technologies and our desire for all things convenient, we young professionals (YPs) barely have to lift a finger to get most of our daily duties done. We sit so much that we actually have to pay trainers and gyms to help us move. As a society, we’ve evolved in a way that no longer requires us to grow our own food or build our own homes. So much of today’s western human experience is just so easy-peasy, and thus, oh so sedentary. Good on us, right? Wrong. A number of recent studies from across the globe have found that those who sit for more than four hours a day (pretty much all of us) are at a seriously increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer! These findings have led both media and medical pros to deem sitting “the new smoking.” Ack! But as office, car, and couch-bound YPs, what are we to do? To help us shake off this increased risk of health problems, and get our asses moving again, we’ve compiled this list of past Notable articles that offer easy ways of incorporating upright activity into our dangerously stationary days:

Notable Workplace Trend: Walking Meetings: In this popular article we show love for the new trend of taking business meetings from the boardroom to the boulevard. Whether it’s a one-on-one conference or a big brainstorming sesh, heading outside and getting bodies walking together not only benefits our health, but also changes interoffice dynamics in a lot of awesome ways.

Adding Some Oomph to Your Regular Walk Breaks: On a similar note, this article also touts the benefits of getting active via walking. While we’re all aware that going for a quick walk around the block and choosing the stairs over the elevator are obviously better than nothing, this article takes things a step further, suggesting ways to add some extra oomph to those regular lunch hour strolls. 

Notable Product: The Mini Stepper: Getting off our ergonomic desk chairs to head outside for physical activity can be difficult during these cold winter months. If you want an easy and convenient way to work up a sweat without leaving the confines of your cubicle, check out the small but mighty mini stepper.

The Other Reasons to Never Give Up Sports: While taking part in team sports is a fun and easy way to add activity to our busy YP lives, this recent article also tells of the other benefits of making sports a priority. From networking opportunities to learning how to lose gracefully, continuing with sports into adulthood is good for both body and business. 

Go Screen-Free for One Day a Week: We can all admit that one of the main reasons we are so darn idle is because we are stuck to our screens. From our smartphone, to the TV, to the computer, we are fixed on screens nearly all day long. Thus, an obvious way to help jumpstart our interest in getting more active is to ditch those distracting displays. This article suggests tips on how to go screen-free for just one day a week. 

Jet Set Exercise for the Travelling YP: Travelling for work, staying in hotels, and living a less-than-routine life is a reality for many YPs. For this jet-setting crowd, keeping up a workout regimen can be tough. In this past Notable article, registered dietician Krista Rondeau offers ways to stay active while working away from home.

The Ups and Downs of Downtime: Balanced YPs know that downtime is key for both our personal well-being and work productivity. But, as this article states, there is a fine line between relaxation and laziness. To help us get up from the depths of that La-z-boy, and make the most of our precious downtime, check these notable tips. 

Ride of Your Life: The Fixie Fixationn: Join the coolest kids on the road and get fixated on fixies, the newest trend in cycling. Biking to and from work (once all the white stuff is gone) is an easy way to add activity to our days, and hey, you’ll help the environment and look hip doing it. 

While we are fortunate to live in a time when technology has evolved in ways that has made life easier and more convenient than ever before, the unfortunate by-product is our lack of physical activity. Thanks to recent studies exposing the harms of our daily sitting habit, however, we can now do something about it. Just click through our activity-rich archives and get going! 


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