Sisters Diagnosed Weeks Apart Battle Cancer as a Team

Two sisters from Utah share an extremely remarkable bond.

Growing up, they shared a bedroom together, went to the same college, travelled to more than 50 countries side by side, and even worked together at the same company for almost 10 years.

And now they have another thing to add to their growing list of similarities: they both recently found out they have breast cancer.

Sharee Page, 34, and Annett Page, 36, were both diagnosed with cancer this spring – a mere two weeks apart.

“Wow, talk about a huge blessing,” said Annette Page about the news to pretty much everyone’s surprise. “Who gets to go through something so hard with their best friend, their sister?”


Photo: Rick Bowmer/AP

It’s through this optimistic outlook that keeps the duo positive throughout the sickness. And like all things the pair overcame in life, they are taking their cancer on as a team.

The women go to doctors appointments and chemotherapy sessions together and have even endured the side effects of hair loss as a pair.

After being diagnosed this past March, the two found out that they have the BRCA2 gene, which is a mutation that puts women at a higher risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers.

Dr. Adam Cohen from the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute said the gene can increase the risk of breast cancer tenfold. He also said he has never seen two siblings diagnosed within weeks of one another.

Unfortunately, the pair’s identical cancer journey will be ending soon, as Annette’s cancer has since spread to her lymph nodes and she will have to undergo radiation therapy. One thing’s for sure: she’s extremely lucky to have her incredible sister by her side.