Sir Barkley: Sweet (and Swag) Dreams for a YP’s Best Friend

After a hard day ballin’ and tail-chasing, every top dog needs some quality R&R. It’s only the best for YP pets – all that fluffy lovin’ surely deserves premier pampering. If supreme pup pleasure is what you’re after, Sir Barkley’s delivers the best in show. It’s the ultimate wag swag; custom-made dog beds that feel as awesome as they look. After all, Fido loves his Zs just as much as you do.

It’s no surprise that Sir Barkley is the hottest bed you can get your paws on. The beds’ materials and construction are inspired by the saddle pads used on show horses. A competitive horse jumper, Sir Barkley Founder Michelle Becker knows a thing or two about keeping her four-legged friends in tip-top shape, and always in style. “I was always looking to outfit my horses in products that were comfortable for them and aesthetically pleasing for me,” she explains. “The idea for dog beds hit me after finding my pup, Molly, preferred the horse’s saddle pads to her own bed!” 

“Our goal is to sell beds made of the highest quality materials, providing your pet with ultimate comfort with an aesthetic appeal for even the most luxurious homes,” says Michelle. How can a dog bed achieve this luxe level of comfort? By starting with highest quality furniture-grade fabrics, and adding high-density gel-infused memory foam. Molding perfectly to your pet pal’s frame, these beds provide the ultimate in orthopedic comfort.

As for the swanky Sir Barkley style? It’s all about 100% custom luxury. Each Sir Barkley bed is topped with the most durable fab faux leather and embroidered in a variety of colours. From sleek and modern to rustic and country, each bed can be custom-designed to fit the style of your home décor. “Many of our customers select colours to match their own beds,” says Michelle. And for the leaders of the pack, there’s the swank option of personalized embroidery. Now that’s what we call drool-worthy! 

Not only is each Sir Barley bed is handmade in Montreal, the company works with the Miriam Foundation to employ adults affected with autism.

Sir Barkley dog beds can be found at:

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