Shinan’s Worthy 30 Party

Last night, Toronto’s “worthiest” bachelors and bachelorettes toasted their designation at Shinan’s Worthy 30 party, presented by one of our favourite vodkas, Grey Goose, and hosted by The National Post’s society columnist and man about town himself, Shinan Govani. The exclusive event was the hot ticket for the balmy (ok, sweltering hot) summer evening, with the single YP guests shamelessly easy to spot as they took in the eye candy (a designation not exclusive to the “worthy”) at Studio B, King East’s contemporary designer furniture boutique.


A professional partygoer, people watcher, celeb dirt author and gossiper, Shinan has a keen eye for eligible talent – he has seen it all. His Worthy 30 is a quasi-annual list of the city’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes (single, a term he uses to describe those “unmarried, unengaged or unterminally shacked-up”). The Worthy 30: Men was released on June 15th and the Worthy 30: Women followed a week later on June 22nd. The “worthy” include a list of young professionals who are making waves in everything from media, public relations and fashion to naturopathic medicine, culinary arts, sports and finance, among others. Some names are more recognizable than others; case-in-point: Toronto native Drake (and no, sadly, he was not in attendance).


So, how does one qualify, besides his or her (admittedly loosely defined) single status? According to Shinan, “a modicum of attractiveness, some discernment, a dollop of accomplishment and that un-pin-downable thing we call “It.” The list included some YPs whom we have either profiled as YP Dailies on, or highlighted their initiatives, like A2Zane owner Zane Aburaneh, Michael Liebrock, the co-chair of this year’s PowerBall, and dating expert/relationship columnist Jen Kirsch, who arrived with Shay Lowe, owner of YP favourite jewellery line Shay Lowe Collection.


These partygoers only drink the worthiest of cocktails, and luckily Grey Goose was in-house to provide the liquid courage to chat up some of these young and eligible, including Le Fizz, The Classic Martini and special hometown creation Toronto Savoir Faire, a blend of Grey Goose La Poire, simple syrup, lemon juice and white cranberry juice. This marks the second year that Grey Goose has sponsored the event. The Grey Goose nuances were evident throughout without being overdone, like furniture dotted with Grey Goose pillows, a few strategically placed bottles displayed throughout, and, of course, the beloved Grey Goose olive picks that guests took home in a neatly packaged blue box.  

Ensuring the guests arrived in style and got home safely, Uber offered 50 per cent off two rides for all the pretty partygoers.

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