A Gym is Getting Slammed on Social Media for Their Unbelievably Sexist Billboard

A sexist new ad in Wales is creating a social media uproar.

Unbelievably – because, as Trudeau would say, it’s 2016 – the ad features a woman’s thong bottom-clad ass and encourages people to join a gym to see more of it.

Because all women workout with their perfectly toned asses completely exposed for the indulgent stares of fellow gym-goers, right?


Image: Twitter

In a parking lot for a gym in Cardiff, Wales, an ad for UFit gym features the image of the woman’s butt front and centre, accompanied by the caption: “there’s better things to be stuck behind than the car in front.”

Yes, we’re serious. It’s almost as big as an advertising fail as this is.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for a flood of social media users to take to Twitter to call out the sexist ad for its blatant objectification of women.

One Twitter user even spotted it along the half-marathon route and complained to the organizers, who responded to her, calling the ad “inappropriate.”

We don’t know who would approve of such a horrible ad, but if advertisers could all agree to stop using women’s bodies like cheap props, that would be great.

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