Sex and the City Author Candace Bushnell Gives Her 10 Tips for Tinder Dating

For six seasons we watched avidly as Carrie Bradshaw battled through New York City’s dating scene, armed with three best friends and absolutely no cell phone (we always wondered how that worked).

But little did the writer know that things were about to get even harder out here for single ladies.

Because if Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie had been single today, then it’s fairly safe to assume that they’d be swiping right for the Aidans, Steves and Mr. Bigs – and left for that politician who liked golden showers

And while we may not be able to view the 2016 adventures of the four gals in NYC, Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell has given us her thoughts on Tinder.

Candace tried her hand at the dating app and delivered some pointers for any women hoping to find the one – and let’s just say she doesn’t hold back.

There are some practical tips: say what you want on your profile;  if you’re looking for a relationship, come right out and tell people; and be who you are – “in a world of fakes and frauds, authenticity is the most valuable quality.”

However, as we would expect (nay, hope) from the SATC author, the video is peppered with some pretty raunchy advice too – “blowjobs are a treat, not a handshake.”

Enough said.

She also gives some cold hard – and maybe even slightly contradictory, given Carrie’s final suitor? – pointers for ladies looking for love on Tinder.

“A guy who’s an asshole is never going to change no matter how many times you kiss his penis.”

Ultimately, Candace warns hopeless romantics off of Tinder altogether, encouraging viewers to go on rival app Bumble.

We have a strong suspicion that if Carrie was still running around the city searching for love she’d be showing the girls dick pics over brunch and wondering if her profile pictures should include her interests (shopping) or just stick with the classic selfie.

Here’s hoping for a Samantha Jones Tinder tips edition in the near future because that’s a profile we’d love to see.

“Samantha, 45. I’m a try-sexual. I’ll try anything once.”