Seven Things That Make Us Love Rainy Days

Considering that the snow just melted in many parts of the country, it looks like the April showers may last well into May (or beyond). Personally, we love rainy days and the creative inspiration and quiet reflection they inevitably inspire. Plus, they are rather romantic, if we do say so ourselves. They can also be super annoying. That’s why we rely on a few go-tos for everything we need for the entire day.

In the shower: Aveda Smooth Infusion
A godsend for curly haired girls (or guys) on rainy days is Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight product line. Not only is the product line – which consists of shampoo, conditioner and styling cream – proven to progressively straighten curls with each use, it protects your hair (and your appearance) against the much-loathed frizz. This makes it perfect for rainy days. Even if your straight hair starts to wave a bit throughout the wet, damp day, it will miraculously not be accompanied by a halo of frizz (thanks to the organic cassava root, which forms a barrier against intense humidity), making for a fun, beachy look. Curly haired dudes, don’t be shy; the product features the same signature unisex Aveda scent we all know and love.

The finishing touch on your outfit: Trout Rainwear
With Trout Rainwear, rain days become a little more fabulous. The Canadian label is synonymous with looking chic in wet weather, so much so that you may actually pray for rain. The 100% waterproof raincoats (each cleverly named after a species of trout) are universally flattering thanks to subtle details like oversized hoods and collars, and oversized bodies with long, slender arms. Furthermore, they can accommodate any type of lifestyle or type of day – from coffee meetings to after-work cocktail parties – thanks to things like hidden hoods, reversible liners and their classic, timeless design. Styles range from the signature, sporty Humboldt to the cape-style Sevan Cape and the three-button single-breasted blazer, Bonneville Blazer. Designed in Toronto and made in Vancouver, Trout Rainwear is now available at Holt Renfrew and online. Though it is only for the ladies (as of now, though we are hoping for a male line), the guys will love how the ladies look in them.

For pounding the pavement: Far-from-typical rain boots
Some days, you simply cannot wear your favourite or most fabulous footwear. With one step in the wrong puddle, they could be ruined for good. At the same time, while navigating the city streets to and from work, traditional, farm-style rainboots will not always work. Our rainy day go-tos for the YP female are the Aigle Miss Juliette Bottillon ankle booties. With its low heel and stylish fit, this is the ultimate feminine ankle boot and the elegant wellington will work with any outfit, making it rain-appropriate. You can find them at Gravity Pope, Bottes et Baskets (Montreal), Raindrops (Toronto) and Hills of Kerrisdale (Vancouver), among ohers. Rainboots are a little trickier for the YP guy. Brands like Hunter and Tretorn have produced some versatile rainy day footwear for guys in the form of stylish rain sneakers, however, which are rainboots descreetly disguised as high-top sneakers and work much better with your workday get-up than clunky boots. 

For the trek to the office: David’s Tea
Tea and rain days go hand-in-hand. Luckily, you will probably pass a DAVIDsTEA along your morning commute thanks to ample locations across the country. Along the way of the specialty coffee house trend of the 1990s, DAVIDsTEA offers an unmatched experience in tea. This means tea that even self-proclaimed non-tea drinkers can enjoy, as guests can choose from over 150 types of vibrantly named teas, including exclusive blends, limited edition seasonal collections, traditional straight teas and carefully selected exotic infusions from around the world. Think tea like the aromatic Red My Lips, a chocolate mint dessert tea for those with a sweet tooth, or the Dolce and Banana, a herbal blend with a hint of caramelized banana, or the Jumpy Monkey, laced with almonds, white chocolate and roasted barks and roots. Sounds like the perfect morning comfort (one of the few) as the rain pours down outside your office window.

For your coffee break or after-work date: Your local macaron spot
For all of its good, rain can really kill your mood and your energy level. For a quick pick-me-up, swap the local coffee shop or bar for a date at a nearby macaron shop. Not only will an assortment of colourful macarons brighten your day, if you are going to break your diet, you better make it worthwhile. Though some may call the macaron trend passé, it will never get old to us… especially when accompanied by a feel-good, frothy cappuccino inside of a Cafe on a rainy day. Our picks across the country? In Toronto, this is definitely Nadege, which never dissapoints (and also delivers macarons right to your door). In Vancouver, Soirette Macarons and Tea features macarons made from fresh, seasonal ingredients, which are matched with lovely teas – perfect for rainy days. For those rainy days in Montreal, hit La Maison du Macaron. In Calgary,make deVille Luxury Coffee and Pastries your rainy day go-to. 

For the moment you arrive home: LazyPants
For all the annoyances that the rain can bring – from the cab waits to ruined shoes – the prospect of our LAZYPANTS waiting for us at home keeps us going. If we’re at home when it is raining, we will most definitely be in a pair of the sweat pants (probably with a box of take-out within reach). In case you still haven’t heard of them, LAZYPANTS are not your typical sweatpants. With unmatched comfort and quality, stamped with the brand’s youthful three-bird logo, these hibernation/rainy season staples are loved by a growing number celebrities. The ultimate in rainy day coziness, the mood-altering sweats are literally the most comfortable things we own.

Before bed, (or anytime at home, really): A Netflix subscription
Is there anything better than guiltily proclaiming it a lazy day as soon as a few drops of rain come down and settling in for a Netflix marathon? (As long as you’re not skipping work to do so). We can’t remember the last time we binged as hard as we did when House of Cards season two came out. Thanks us in a few days when you’re caught up. 

There you have it. Now, do you feel a little better about the weather?

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