Seven Reasons Why SpeakEasy 21 is Our New Thursday Night Spot

Thursdays just got a little better with the opening of SpeakEasy 21 in the Scotia Plaza (21 Adelaide St. West). Here is why the brand new resto bar is our favourite new after-work spot (especially on Thursdays)…

It makes a good replacement for South of Temperance
We all shed a silent tear when the beloved summertime after-work spot South of Temperance, with its massive patio, shut its doors last year. Located just across the street (well, more or less), SpeakEasy 21 makes a perfect replacement, especially with its soon-to-open, 3,500-square foot patio.

The soundproof phone booths let you work hard while you play hard
It seems that Thirsty Thursdays are usually interrupted by some after-office hour phone call or emails – after all, it isn’t the weekend yet. At SpeakEasy 21, you can take the call in one of the three vintage soundproof phone booths. Not to mention, there are phone-charging stations throughout the space.

They offer the most extensive cocktail list in the Financial District
In the finance world, everything comes in abundance. So do the cocktails (or libations) at SpeakEasy 21. Indeed, the cocktail list is more extensive than the food menu itself, with 45 different drinks crafted by bartender Dave Moore (Brant House, Easy and The Fifth). Be warned: at $14.50 a pop, the drinks are pricier than many of the menu items – but so worth it.

The food will have you coming back for lunch
The food makes you want to stay for dinner and go back with clients the next day for lunch. Featuring everything from tiny nibbles like Cauliflower Hummus ($8) and Salted Pecan Brittle ($6), to things like Butter Chicken Balls ($14), Pigs in a Blanket ($12-$17), and an assortment of salads and sandwiches, the food has every type of appetite covered. The tacos are even available gluten-free.

You will never wait for the bathroom
Thanks to the 14 private bathrooms, you will never waste time waiting when you could be drinking, flirting or sealing that business deal.  

There will be live music 
The live music makes SpeakEasy 21 way cooler than your typical rigid finance bar, and we can expect performances from a curated selection of some of the city’s most talented artists. If that doesn’t make you want to loosen your tie and un-tuck your blouse after a long day, we don’t know what will.

The space is big enough that you won’t get spilled on and can avoid your ex if you see them
The space itself is wide, open and uniquely L-shaped, with ample bar frontage and rows of high top tables, which serve as a reminder that the place is first and foremost a cocktail bar. Of course, the space is made even better by the promise of the cabana-filled patio (which we can envision already). 

Check it out for yourself. SpeakEasy 21 is open Monday to Friday from 11:30am and Saturdays from 6pm.

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