Seth Rogen Might Be the Next Voice of the TTC and SkyTrain

It’s been around seven years since the voices announcing stops along TTC subway lines were replaced by a robot.

(In 2007, TTC administrative assistant Cheryl Bomé and communications assistant Susan Bigioni recorded stop announcements for TTC subways, buses, and streetcars; in 2011, the announcements on subways were replaced by a computer-generated voice).

Now, there’s a new voice in the running: Seth Rogen’s.

Check out this exchange:

Stephanie Ip is a reporter for The Province and Vancouver Sun. Rogen is reportedly in talks to replace Morgan Freeman as the voice of Vancouver’s SkyTrain (Freeman’s collaboration with the City of Vancouver has been put on hold following last week’s sexual harassment allegations against the actor). That’s when Norm Kelly – the Drake of Toronto politics – chimed in with his endorsement.

As did the TTC…

While there isn’t any indication that the TTC has entered formal talks with the Hollywood stoner, commuters could surely benefit from a little amusement on their transit journey. Rogen, who was born in Vancouver, seems to have nothing important going on at the moment anyway…

Someone please get Mr. Rogen in a recording booth.