September 5th is Bill Murray Day in Toronto

And all this time you foolishly thought it was February 2nd.

To celebrate the comic genius that is Bill Murray, TIFF has announced three free public screenings that will include Stripes, Groundhog Day, and Ghostbusters.

Starting at 10am, this trifecta of comedy classics will all be leading toward the 9:00pm premiere of Murray’s latest cinematic gem, St. Vincent. How can we call it a gem without seeing it?

‘Cause Bill Freaking Murray is in it, that’s how.

But seriously, you can check the trailer out here if you don’t believe us.

Not only will you be given a full day of one of the most talented actor/comedians of his generation, but TIFF could reward you for sitting on your butt all day. One lucky watcher (you have to attend all three screenings to be eligible) will be awarded a ticket to the world premiere screening of St. Vincent. A ticket, we assume, is going to be very hard to come by.

So hey, come September 5th, we all got something going for us.


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