Self-Care That’s Good For The Planet Too

If we gave as much attention to sustainability as we did to our skin-care routines, could we solve the current climate crisis? 

Millennials are no strangers when it comes to looking after themselves – and that’s proven by the 10-billion dollar self-care industry we continue to pour our hard-earned dollars into. The good news is that there are organizations and brands out there who are making it possible to take care of yourself while you take care of the planet. We connected with Live Green Perks to get the scoop on which brands in Toronto are making it possible to satisfy your self-care needs that won’t mess with the needs of the planet. Below are three deals from the Live Green Perks app you can redeem in the city. 

Pure + Simple

Pure + Simple operates sustainably with reusable products that above all prioritize client health. Their bottle return policy allows you to return packaging that they reuse after sterilization. We love that their products are made from sustainable materials or methods. Through the Live Green Perks app, get 15% before November 27 and 10% off afterwards on house-brand product or service in-store.

Fresh City Farms

We love that Fresh City Farms grows some of their produce organically at their two urban farms and also that they go the extra mile to source local, organic, sustainable and fair trade products. They even have a member farmer program has launched dozens of food entrepreneurs, activists and farmers over the last 8 growing seasons. Because of this program, Toronto is a little greener through reduced water runoff, and city dwellers are that much more educated on where and how their food is grown. Through the Live Green Perks app, use the code LIVEGREEN to get $15 off each of your first 3 online orders ($45 value). For in-store shoppers, from Dec 3 – 31, Perks members get $10-off purchases over $40 in-store only. 

Consign Toronto

You’d be blown away by how much water is needed to produce one garment – for a pair of leggings up to 8 hot tubs of water is usually needed! That’s why we love checking out Toronto’s consignment shops – one of the best in the city is Consign Toronto. Designer brands are upcycled in fresh ways into new wardrobes, which saves clothing from landfills. Show the Live Green Perks app to get 20% in-store, but hold up: from 6-8pm on Wednesday, November 27 Live Green Perks users will have exclusive access to the store and receive 40% off clothing and shoes. Those are massive savings!

We caught up with Coach Carey, Kelly Samuel, and Solmaz Khosrowshahian (The Curious Creature) to see how they use the Live Green Perks app to practice sustainable self-care in their own ways – take a look below. 


For more deals with Toronto businesses that are sustainable and consumer-friendly, download the Live Green Perks app to get in the know. What’s more, this app helps you practice self-care guilt-free knowing that your consumer habits are helping the planet, not harming it.