Secrets of the Biz: REVIV Canada

In the second installment of our new article series, “Secrets of the Biz” we sat down with Chris Chapheau, Co-Owner of the Canadian flagship location of Reviv Canada. This progressive new medical treatment provides IV infusions and vitamin booster shots to cure a hangover or increase general wellness.


Tell us about REVIV Canada

We’re the leading global provider of IV infusion and vitamin booster shot wellness treatments. We have over 40 locations worldwide and have quickly become Toronto’s #1 destination for IV treatments.


What’s your secret to attracting new customers to purchase an IV drip?

In short, normalizing the treatment in the eyes of the Canadian consumer. When you’re dealing with a progressive new medical treatment like IV infusions, in a marketplace like Canada, with a consumer that’s traditionally more conservative than say their US or European counterparts, there needs to be a focus on addressing their questions and concerns. Who’s using it? Does it work? Is it safe? Is it the right fit for me? etc.

To do this, we like to bring the treatments into the foreground be it at events, on social media, in videos, in advertising or just in general discussions. We want to show you that there really is a treatment for everyone, that these are fantastic for your health, they work, you feel the benefits right away and most importantly, that they’re painless and incredibly safe.

Does this really work at getting rid of your hangover?

Yes, and I can personally attest to ridding myself of some of the most debilitating hangovers of my life with these treatments– it just ain’t the same drinking at 32 as it was at 22.

No magic pill or amount of greasy food is going to substitute the benefits of getting electrolytes, fluids, vitamins and medicinal active ingredients, delivered directly to your tissue. There’s just no comparison. Moreover, hangovers that would/could last for a few days, are cut down to a single day, or even just the morning depending on how fast you can get down to us J So you’re saving yourself days of productivity with these treatments.

What’s interesting to note is that our recovery infusions constitute only a minority of our business. The majority of the infusions we provide are for people looking to improve their overall health and wellness in their attempt to keep up with the fast paced professional life we all experience here in Toronto.


Oliver Shanks, Ali Kiassat and DJ Frank Walker getting that IV boost after a night out on the town.

Are you planning any new product roll outs?

The benefit of being part of a global franchise whose ranks are filled with incredibly talented and driven doctors and pharmacists is that they’re always working on the next set of exciting health and wellness treatments, or improving upon our current line of services.

In fact, we just came out with brand new IV formulas only two months ago so I encourage everyone to come down and try out the new and improved ingredients!

There has always been a “spark” when partners decide to move forward with an idea, how did this go down for you and why?

I’ve always been in and around the health and wellness industry most of my life be it through playing competitive rugby, competing in fitness competitions or just remaining active in the gym (three knee surgeries promptly ended my less than stellar sporting career).

IV infusions were something I first encountered playing sports but it wasn’t until a conversation one Christmas vacation with my brother-in-law, who was heavily involved in the music business at the time, that I realized the potential of this incredible service and knew I had to bring it to Toronto. The rest is history.


Craziest IV story, GO!                                                                                                   

We’ve been lucky enough to treat top professional athletes, A-list celebrities, industry titans and social leaders, but we always operate under the utmost level of privacy out of the interest of our clients so the stories will have to stay in the vault for now.


One of the Dragon’s popped by aka Brett Wilson.

“If you build it, they will come” – How have you guys built a community around REVIV Canada?

It all comes down to customer service and the experience they enjoy while they’re here. I wanted to make our location an urban oasis where you could come relax, cut off from the chaos of the city to enjoy a truly therapeutic treatment and atmosphere. That means having the best nursing team Toronto can provide and a dedication and attention to detail that the customer sees, appreciates, and ultimately wants to be a part of.


Infusions atop the Thompson Hotel in Toronto.

Tell us a secret. Don’t worry we won’t tell.

I have, on a number of occasions, emptied the contents of an entire box of fruit loops into a salad bowl and consumed it in a single sitting….don’t you judge me.


Co-Owner Chris Chapheau, recovering from fruit loops withdrawal.