Secrets of the Biz: Permanent Vacation

We’re kicking off our new article series, “Secrets of the Biz” with our friends from Permanent Vacation, an up-and-coming clothing brand based in Toronto. This series will focus on a Q&A with companies we cross paths with during our Notable adventures. Enjoy!

Tell us about Permanent Vacation:

We are a Toronto based clothing brand, focused on creating everyday essentials. Most of our designs stem from a minimalistic point of view.


What’s your secret to attracting new customers to purchase your product?

The retail business is clearly changing. If you want to stay alive in today’s market, you have to find new ways to stay relevant, both in terms of design and business. We find that going out to events and parties is one of the best ways to create awareness for our brand. We are constantly looking for new influencers who love our brand and that leads to new doors opening for us and ultimately more sales.

DJ Grandtheft wearing one of the Permanent Vacation hats alongside Delaney Jane.

Are you planning anything new to roll out next season?

Most definitely, fall is the season to stunt! We are excited to release more of a complete line for fall/winter. On the way we have outerwear, new hats, sweaters and more. We love focusing on essentials like that, we don’t like to complicate fashion 😉


There has always been a “spark” when partners decide to move forward with an idea, how-what-where-when did this go down and why?

Anyone who knows us, knows we live and breath music. Many of our designs stem from a notion that manifests from a song lyric, visual or just a vibe. This is essentially how Permanent Vacation came to life. Other times we might get a spark from a location. Currently, we are working on new designs that are destination inspired.

Craziest Partner story, GO!

One of us spent a couple days in a German jail, you’ll have to meet us to ask which one though.

“If you build it, they will come” – How have you guys built a community around Permanent Vacation Brand?

Our friends have been our backbone, so huge shout out to them. Our brand revolves around having a good time and being positive. It’s no secret that positivity is contagious. In our first year we threw a hand full of events and pop-up shops. It’s always a good sign that every event is attracting a larger collective. We’re big on face to face interaction.

Tell us a secret. Don’t worry we won’t tell.

Ok…come close, real close and keep this between us. Most of you thought this was just an interview for Notable. In reality this is a CHAIN LETTER. You have 24 hours to follow us on instagram or you will have terrible style for the next 7 years!