Secrets of the Biz: Love Child Social House

You’ve seen the iconic pink entranceway on the gram, but what really goes on behind the doors of Love Child Social House?

Love Child Social House is the city’s top co-working space, providing young hustlers a space to build their businesses while not paying sky-high social club prices. At night it functions as a versatile event venue where it can be rented out to make any event come to life. From spin classes to full scale company parties, Love Child has something for everyone.

We sat down with owners Sacha El Wekeel and Dan Gunam to learn more about their space and vision.

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  1. ovechild-socialhouse-toronto-events-venuesTell us about Love Child in 280 characters:
  2. Love Child is where hustle meets social. A co-working space by day, event space by night, and on weekends where you get together with friends to socialize. We believe in collaboration and inclusiveness, so we created a space designed for connection and collaboration.

Love Child started out as a social club. What are the benefits of being a member?
The benefit of being a member is that you can come use the space during the day to work and collaborate. You also get access to a bunch of perks such as 10% off at Lole and Calii Love, free yoga classes at Moksha, and invitations to special events and retreats.

  1. “If you build it, they will come.” How have you built a community around Love Child?
  2. We built it by being an inclusive space. We welcome everyone who is hustling just like us. We also team up with people and brands who have similar values and visions to host events to build our community. For example, how we collaborated with Notable for a pop-up launch event with Truly Spiked & Sparkling.
  3. ovechild-socialhouse-toronto-events-venues
  4. Love Child is one of the hottest new event spaces. Tell us about some of the other events that have been hosted there?
  5. We hosted the Giants of Africa Charity event, two podcast events with Sustainable Joe discussing sustainability, Nike Run Events, Equinox Spin Day,and  Footlocker and Adidas product launch events. Also, our Love Brunch Retreat is not to be missed.

Like many people, I discovered Love Child on Instagram, from it’s trademark pink doors to its Instagrammable interior. What inspired the decor?
Love Child is built on a core belief: Do What You Love, Love What You Do –  something that was instilled in us for a long time. Taking that message, we created a space that inspires others to do the same. In a time where having a personal brand is important to Millennials and Generation Z, we took cues from the Mad Men and mid-century era to create a space that celebrates women, inclusiveness, and branding. Each corner of our space is designed to inspire and ignite.

  1. What’s the best part of running a business?
  2. We love seeing people working during the day and the same people let loose in the evening or at our weekend socials. Especially when we see someone who comes for a meeting with their client and remembers they were there the weekend before dancing. Its surreal to some that they partied in the space one weekend and they are working in the same space the following week and vice versa. It took us some time to get here and for people to understand what Love Child is all about. We’re happy to see people are starting to understand it now!

And the hardest?
The hardest part is finding a balance between being a weekend social club and work space during the week. It does take a toll on our furniture that we sourced from Boston (original 50s and 60s furniture). Also, when we have a corporate event during the week that wants to start early. We wish we had more room to ensure we can do everything without disrupting anyone. We need to make sure both concepts work. Most importantly, we need the social nights to help keep the membership affordable. Without that, memberships would have to be much higher.

Tell us a secret. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.
What happens inside those pink doors … all we can say is, “Love Made Me Do It.” Everything else we can’t tell!

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