Condos Have 99 Problems But Closet Space Ain’t One (Anymore)

Aaron Parker is the founder and host of The Lucky Few Podcast, a show about young professionals and success. On this episode, Parker interviews Canadian entrepreneur Mark Ang, 21, about his third — HIS THIRD — successful venture, Second Closet, a company that is going to disrupt the storage industry for the thousands of condo dwellers in Toronto.


From getting over 110% in business courses to bringing in large revenue to each of his previous companies Mark is a truly inspiring entrepreneur. In the second week of operation, Second Closet got 400 new customers and have been growing like gangbusters.

On this week’s episode of The Lucky Few Podcast, we dive into Mark’s past and what exactly had to happen to make him successful. We talked about what it’s like to lead by example, how to attract the best talent for his business, and the specific skills anyone needs to be an overnight success.

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