Seb’s Market Cafe

This popular weekend brunch spot, with a presence that’s at once homey and charming, is run by Chef Francois Godbout and named after his son Sebastion. Seb’s Market Cafe is a neighbourhood eatery with a warm and comforting atmosphere that serves a decent selection of breakfast favourites with a few of Godbout’s twists.

The standard breakfast fare is represented throughout the menu, with a somewhat uninspired approach to the classics. That isn’t to say the food isn’t good, moreso just nothing too out of the ordinary. Where Seb’s breaks out of its shell is with the clever use of different meats that may not sound at once appetizing, but once bitten through will surprise even the most cynical (well, maybe not the most cynical.)

The Cranberry Pecan Sourdough Sandwich is layered love, with surprisingly juicy turkey sausage, egg and bocconcini cheese. The elk medallion served with your favourite style of eggs is a welcome change of pace from the standard fare. Try the Crab and Avacado Omelette or the Caribou and Sundried Tomato Scrambled Eggs. And the Chipotle Wild-Berry sauce available with the Eggs Benny and Smoked Salmon is an interesting, albeit trendy, addition to the dish.

While Seb’s might not be making waves in the culinary scene, the dishes are quite delicious nonetheless and the perfect morning treat after a long night out. Vancouver young professionals should stop on by for a midday brunch and get a hearty filling of the classics. Seb’s Market Cafe, 592 E Broadway, Vancouver, 604-298-4403.

Image courtesy Sherman’s Food Adventures.