#NotableLife Update: 5 Reasons To Roll Out The #ScotchCart And Inspire Your Team


Last week we wrote about how IRL conversation can deliver more value to your team than you’d ever expect, and how, if social media were the Notable cake, spending IRL time together would be the buttercream icing.

We wanted to share with our readers how the Notable team connects: after 5, in the Notable Lounge, with some snacks and a glass of scotch from The Glenlivet. The idea behind having The Glenlivet #ScotchCart in the Notable Lounge is that single malt scotch whisky naturally inspires conversation.


Each individual team member at Notable is driven to become a leader within our community of founders, and to continue to build Notable into a successful brand and business. We hosted a Notable #Scotchcart event on February 22nd to help each of us become a better leader by trying something new, learning something new, and taking a new risk.

The Notable #ScotchCart party was a new type of event for us. It was perfect for our team and our guests. We had the St. Royals play live jazz and served delicious food by Pantry as our 20 guests sampled the The Glenlivet #ScotchCart. It was a classy affair with a guest list full of founders, and it became the perfect platform for learning about other’s experiences.


It’s this simple: We designed the Notable party, and The Glenlivet brought the #Scotchcart, a dynamic brand ambassador who conducted a tasting session, The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve and 15YO Scotch, and food pairings.

The Notable team members agree that the #Scotchcart empowered us to try something new, and our guests were so engaged when it came time to learn about The Glenlivet founder George Smith’s journey to establishing his new brand in 1824, and how he leveraged relationships and community to gain credibility.


In a way, we felt that #Scotchcart achieved the same for Notable. Our experience was informative and entertaining, and we know the #Scotchcart party is one our founder friends will always remember.

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