Scientists Are Trying to Figure Out if MDMA Can Treat Social Anxiety in Autistic Adults

Madonna’s favourite adult candy, MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy, is being tested by scientists as a potential remedy for social anxiety in adults with autism.

Most people who’ve used the drug recreationally can probably vouch for it being exactly that.

Researchers say MDMA boosts confidence, heightens bonding, and increases one’s understanding of social cues, which is a promising trifecta for autistic adults who otherwise have very few treatment options for social anxiety.

Pure MDMA rarely has adverse effects and is far from a quack treatment for autism, as the study’s co-investigator Alicia Danforth says.

It was first developed in 1912 by German chemical company Merck, apparently as a diet pill – which is technically effective since it suppresses your appetite – and has since been successful in helping patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. It was also briefly tested as a useful stimulant in troubled marriages.

Considering smartphones are exponentially turning us into social aliens, we expect to see a movement for full legalization within the decade.