Science Shows Loneliness is as Bad as Smoking and Obesity

It turns out loneliness doesn’t just feel terrible, it is terrible. 

New research from Brigham Young University demonstrates that “loneliness and social isolation are just as much a threat to longevity as obesity.”

That’s right, as if bad eating habits weren’t already bad enough, if you’re always savouring your high fat treats alone you’re basically digging your own grave. Then again, if you spend too much time on your own you probably will be anyway.

According to Tim Smith, co-author of the study, ““Not only are we at the highest recorded rate of living alone across the entire century, but we’re at the highest recorded rates ever on the planet.”

Here’s the thing, humans are social animals. So much so that according to Brigham Young, “Previous research from Holt-Lunstad and Smith puts the heightened risk of mortality from loneliness in the same category as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and being an alcoholic.”

So the next time you see someone on Tinder saying they’re just looking to meet people – you might want to take them at their word…


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