Scanomat Top Brewer: A Revolution in Coffee Brewing

Attention, coffee addicts; warning, baristas. Tea drinkers, carry on. Arguably the newest wave in coffee technology has arrived.

The Scanomat Top Brewer is a new, fully automated, (practically) invisible coffee machine. If you like your design minimal and your evening libation straight up, this is your Romeo meets Juliet – caffeinated.

Meet Scanomat.

The Top Brewer is a stainless steel faucet that is installed directly into your countertop. All of the noisy, cumbersome coffee machine parts are stored below, where it holds your freshly ground coffee, hot chocolate, milk, water and even juice in temperature sensitive containers.

Scanomat created the world’s smallest milk foamer and placed it right in the spout, which aside from frothing milk, is used to clean itself after each brew (wouldn’t it be nice if more things in life cleaned up after themselves?). The steaming function can also be used for non-coffee-related activities like blanching vegetables or, for the more zealous, perhaps getting the wrinkles out of last week’s attire.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have also created their own Scanomat app for iPad and iPhone users that lets you program your favourite beverage and automatically brew it from your remote location. The question is, will you be brewing your partner a cup of coffee from bed or, perhaps, Europe? Next will be breakfast.

Finally, the Top Brewer performs in record time. It can brew a regular cup of Joe in 15 seconds and espresso in 25. Scanomat also pioneered the zero-watt standby, creating the perfect median between coffee that’s ready in a flash and environmentally friendly.

Although not available for retail yet, we expect to see many more household items turn tech over the next few months. We could survive without it, but don’t want to…