Say it Ain’t So: Joe Mimran is Stepping Down as Head of Joe Fresh

By the end of the week, Joe Mimran will no longer be the head of Joe Fresh.

After close to a 10-year run, Mimran says that “it’s just the right time” for the move. 

He has established and worked with a new team for the past 18 months and Mario Grauso, who was named the president of Joe Fresh last year, is set to take over. 

The popular affordable clothing stores will continue on as Joe Fresh, despite the absence of the “Joe,” as Mimran moves into more of a brand ambassador role.

This means he will spend time jet-setting to Mexico, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia to check in on the brand’s international expansion. He’ll also spend more time with his family at their home in Palm Beach.

Perhaps he’ll become more involved with wife Kimberly Newport-Mimran’s clothing line Pink Tartan?

Mimran’s departure follows his announcement last fall that they would no longer participate in Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week, despite it being one of the most popular shows for years. He said that the focus on all upcoming shows will be geared towards a wholesale market.

Joe Fresh first hit the scene in 2006, offering another reason to hit Loblaw’s grocery stores. There are now 330 stores across Canada.


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