Saved by the Bell on Jimmy Fallon is the Greatest Reunion of All Time

What. A. Reunion. 

These things don’t always go so well, but last night’s Saved By The Bell reunion special on Jimmy Fallon aced it. 

Aside from lovebirds Lisa and Screech, five of the show’s main cast members came out for an eight-minute rendezvous in the halls of Bayside.

There was the always tech-savvy Zach Morris, muscle-bound jock and perpetually pirouetting AC Slater, the so excited Jessica Spano – who was on the receiving end of a pretty awesome stripper joke – a bulging Belding who may have indulged in too many burgers at The Max, and Fallon himself, a new friend amongst the crew who’s announcing his departure to pursue comedy in New York.

Oh, and we learned that Kelly Kapowski was knocked up by Zach, and not her real-life husband Brady Smith.

The real-life references are pure gold, as are the nostalgic reflections of past episodes. We’re even privy to a classic Morris time-out when life gets tough.

So go ahead, spend the next eight minutes in the early 90s:


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