Save that Skin: You’re Not Getting Any Younger

As much as you complain about that occasional dryness or pimple, one day you’ll look back at pictures and only wish your skin still looked like it does now. Sad, but true. The good news is all of our awareness, products and treatments will (hopefully) keep us young professionals (YPs) looking younger longer than ever before. A few weeks back, we hit uptown Toronto’s Consonant Skincare flagship store for a preview of Fresh.Beautiful‘s pop-up spa, where we received a unique, all-natural gentle crystal microdermabrasion and hydration treatment from Fresh.Beauiful co-owner Stephanie Daga complete with Consonant products that have since become skincare staples. Some of our favourites? Consonant’s Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream and the Hydrextreme Extreme Hydration Booster

Post-treatment (once our refreshed, brighter and healthier skin was revealed), Daga offered some insight on what it takes to save your skin… and you should start now.

What should people in their mid-20s do when it comes to skincare?
Once you hit your mid-20s, it’s important to refine your routine and really find the products that work with and for your skin. Instead of picking out any old product that is within reach, take the time to analyze your skin and figure out what it really needs – then do your research and pinpoint the products and ingredients that can help. Test out products, and when you find the system or combination that leaves your skin looking healthiest, stick with it. Also, at this age, whether male or female, you want to focus on preventative measures for your skin – you’re never too young to start. A great cleanser and moisturizer are key, but most importantly, so is SUN PROTECTION. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen daily! Last but not least, while a healthy social life happens at all ages, you do tend to go party longer (and harder) during your 20s, the effects of which can easily appear over your complexion. Indulging in a facemask once a week can help restore the skin, purge impurities and provide a deeper clean.

What if you’re in your 30s?
As you live through your 30s and 40s, you’ll want to continue with your regular skincare routine but consider a few other products and treatments that can address specific issues. Eye creams can help with any fine lines that may start to appear. A serum that focuses on hydrating the skin can assist with a drier complexion (which happens with age). An exfoliant, used once or twice weekly, can help to brighten the skin and smooth texture. Not everyone needs a 10-step system, so no one has to go overboard and purchase everything on the market. Again, it’s about re-assessing your skin’s needs and adjusting. Treatments are also a welcome addition to your routine and don’t have to break the bank. Seeing a professional for a treatment (oxygenating facial, microdermabrasion, peels) once a season is an effective way to maintain your youthful complexion, and in some cases a way to correct or reverse any damage that may have sneaked up on you (sun spots, dullness, uneven texture).

What are some common misconceptions when it comes to skin care?
I think the most common misperception that people have is what their actual skin type is, and therefore they mistreat their skin, which only creates more problems. For example, those with oily skin may believe they don’t need moisturizer. You still do; opt for something lighter in formulation and also apply once a day instead of twice. Failing to apply moisturizer only signals the skin to produce more oil because it “thinks” it isn’t getting the moisture it needs, which results in oilier skin! The second misconception: that if you aren’t actively outside, you don’t need sun protection. Regardless of how much time you actually spend outside, you NEED sun protection to fight off damage created by UVA and UVB rays – one of the fastest ways to age your skin. Everyone can benefit from sun protection. If you’re barely outside, SPF15 will do; if you worship the sun, aim for SPF 30 or higher. 

Does price matter when it comes to skin products? How reliable are drugstore brands?
While there are definitely some products made with questionable ingredients available at lower price points, not all “drugstore” brands should be disregarded. Science and quality control have come a long way and drugstore brands have certainly upped their game to compete with higher priced brands. Again, it’s all about analyzing your skin and doing the research. Spend some time testing out products from all price ranges and find out what works best for you. The great thing about drugstore, department store, and specialty stores is that they are more than willing to provide decent-sized samples of most, if not all, of their products. You can do your research without spending an arm and a leg and make the best investment you see fit for your skin. 

The Consonant and Fresh.Beauiful pop up will run from Tuesday, November 19th until Sunday, November 24th (Toronto). To book an appointment at the pop-up facial spa, RSVP to 416-925-2855 or