Save Money on Canada’s Best Brands While Giving to Charity With This Awesome Toronto Startup

This is what you call a win-win: a new startup out of Toronto that launches today offers deals on amazing products and services while giving back to the city.

Every week, Clickchange collaborates with one Toronto-based charitable initiative, the first of which is the ever-relevant CAMH Foundation.

The company also releases a lineup of 10 to 20 quality Canadian retailers, all offering an exclusive deal for their products or services.


So far, more than 80 retailers, fitness studios, and entertainment venues have signed up.

These include Peace Collective, Camp Brand Goods, GotStyle, Thank You Toronto, Illbury + Goose, Fit Factory, Tuck Shop Trading Co. and Vooray.

It works like this: A 20 per cent off deal sells for $3, a 30 per cent off deal sells for $4.50, and a 40 per cent off deal sells for $6.

Discounts usually apply to a retailer’s entire selection of products or services, and are often redeemable both in-store and online.


But it’s not just you (and your wallet) that benefit from the transaction: every time a deal is purchased on Clickchange, $1 is donated to the charitable initiative featured that week.

As for retailers, they receive free advertising space, support local charities, and of course take in the proceeds from the sale of their products and services.

Click here to make a change (sorry, had to).