Save a Child’s Heart

Two years ago, 25-year-old entrepreneur Sandra Vadasz created the Share the Love organization alongside long time friend Carly Gallinger. Share the Love is focused entirely on engaging young professionals with notable charities in order to make a difference. Each year they partner up with a different charity and help to raise money for the cause. 

This year, Sandra’s fundraising efforts focused on Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) – an Israeli-based, non-profit organization with a mission to provide urgent life saving cardiac surgery for children in developing countries. Thanks to a small group of dedicated medical professionals who volunteer their time and expertise, thousands of children have been given a second chance at life. 

Aside from the great cause, Sandra chose SACH for this year’s charity due to its large YP sector. “My goal is to get the younger (under 40) generation evolved in charity and aware of different groups in need. I figured SACH’s young sector would be able to create a lot of awareness about the party while educating others about the cause.”

On Friday March 23rd, Sandra’s hard work paid off as Toronto YPs enjoyed a fun-filled night of dancing and drinks. The highlights of the night include: Belly Busters subs, a cotton candy machine, Princess and the Pie cake pops, and the best music I’ve heard in a while by DJ Scott Cavalheiro. 

This dedicated and passionate YP explains that the most challenging part of her job is getting a committee together, especially with everyone’s busy schedules. “It is very important to have a committed team; delegation is the key to a successful, well planned event. In my opinion, the date you choose is also very important. Having a promotional team to spread the word about your event is also very critical.”

Sandra is a great example of a promising entrepreneur who has nailed the 360° YP lifestyle. Her advice for other YP’s looking to make a difference is to “team up with the right people. It’s important to get the charity you are fundraising for involved in your project as they are often a great help. If anyone is interested in throwing a charity fundraiser, I am always looking for new committee members, ideas and causes to support.”

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