Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘SJP’ Collection Launches at Nordstrom

“Men I may not know. But shoes — shoes! — I know,” Carrie Bradshaw exclaimed to her Vogue editor in season 4 of Sex and the City, and the actress turned designer, Sarah Jessica Parker, has proven her character’s declaration to be true. 

Created with the CEO of Manolo Blahnik, George Malkemus, Sarah Jessica’s footwear line, SJP, was launched over the weekend at Nordstrom where her shoes are exclusively sold. Because the high-end chain has yet to open an outlet in New York, the pop-up store took place in the Soho district location over the weekend. 

The line ranges from $195 to $485 and also includes handbags and a trench coat in two hues. Every pair of shoes has its own name, including the “Carrie” shoe. When asked how she chose what shoe in her line to call “Carrie,” she replied, “There were other Carries. And it kept not feeling right. But this shoe (a T-strap heeled number in purple) is kind of a contradiction because there is something very feminine and ladylike about this shoe, but the purple is a little subversive. The purple is the person that chose not to wear the appropriate thing to work. And I feel that’s what Carrie was.”

As the collection is cross-generational, with a variety of heights, colours and materials, Sarah couldn’t choose a favourite. “I covet all of them in some way because they allow you to feel differently, or make something look different in your closet, or stand differently than you did yesterday, or get someplace faster,” she says. “I think that’s the beauty of this particular accessory.” 

What’s next for the collection? “It just gets better,” she says.

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