This Pig is Employed By an Airport to Make People Feel Better About Flying

Oh yes, this right here hits the spot.

Small pigs are objectively the best, a verifiable fact San Francisco International Airport has put to practice in hiring one to help people deal with flight anxiety.

LiLou is currently on a freelance contract as SFO, where she has to do nothing beyond exist and make people happy. She’s part of an initiative called Wag Brigade, which includes around 300 other animals with the same purpose.

Not every animal is cut out for it, though.

“Pets must be interested in and eager to approach people and accept handling, regardless of the person’s age, gender, race, size, mobility equipment usage and apparel,” says the San Francisco SPCA about its highly qualified airport staff.

There’s actually a substantive foundation to the strategy – last year, a U.K. university set up a micro pig room where students could hang out to relieve stress before exams.

Just one more step until pigs can fly.

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