Rush Lane & Co: Science Hits Queen West in the Best Possible Way

Queen W. just got magical.

Okay, so it’s more science than magic. But to the casual drinker – and even more casual science student – it might as well be slight of hand that’s delivering the unique experience.   

Except for the fact that there’s a lab, of course. That’s right, beyond its comfortable 70s living room feel, Rush Lane & Co. (563 Queen W.) boasts a laboratory complete with the only Heidolph rotary evaporator in the country. Which means that while much of the food and drink you get here does indeed taste magical, it’s been created using the latest in molecular gastronomy.

Take the Tag Ice Cream for example. When you order this playful (and delicious) dessert you’ll receive a milk sorbet with a neutral flavour. Think of it as a canvas. How you want it to taste is up to you; along with the sorbet you’ll be given spray bottles of flavour that could range from Dr. Pepper to bubblegum, and pomegranate to caramelized chocolate. You make of it what your tastebuds want.   

If you want to save dessert for last (weirdo), start out with the carrot four ways, a dish that includes what might be the first ever carrot jerky and also involves a hint of Mescal. The smoked turkey wing, though, is a small piece of poultry heaven that looks almost as good as it tastes. Have both. 

But Rush Lane is a cocktail bar above all else. The strong, explorative food program of sharable plates is a complement to everything happening behind the bar – and in the lab.

With five owners all getting their say on the drink list, your palate will be treated to new and exciting taste and flavour combinations that come together in superbly easy-drinking blends.    

Of course, names like The Great Bike Heist (Absolut Elyx Vodka, Dolin sweet vermouth, Licor Beirão, Boker’s bitters), and Daniel’s Hammer (Zubrówka Biso Grass Vodka, yellow chartreuse, Lagavulin 16, lemon, rosemary, egg white) also help to make the experience even more enjoyable. Especially when the names of each drink all stem from an inside joke between the crew that, if you’re lucky enough, they might let you in on. 

To be clear, however, there’s no pretention at Rush Lane. Whatever you want to order, the bartender will be happy to serve up. Rum and Coke? Sure, and it comes without judgment.

But hey, you can down one of those anywhere. Magic, on the other hand, is only real here. 


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