Rufus Rockhead Brings Elegance and Intelligence to Little Burgundy

Haven’t checked out Notre Dame Ouest’s newest gem yet? Seriously, where have you been!? Rufus Rockhead has been making major buzz across Montreal and it’s very clear why… 

First of all, a big applause for keeping some history alive. What we’re referring to is the name; Rufus Rockhead ran a swanky bar that was the centre of jazz music in Montreal in the 1910s and ’20s, even visited by the lovely Ella Fitzgerlad. Naturally, music is a central point here and Rufus Rockhead (the establishment, of course) is priding itself on that concept. It makes total sense considering that Jeff Stinco, the co-owner, is a musician himself. Rockhead’s bold soundtrack is definitive of Montreal and its underground scene, represented by renowned DJs Thursdays to Sundays.

Let’s talk a little design. Upon arrival, you are awestruck by the large painted window that shows when entering almost secretly through the terrace-alley on the left of the building. Such is the signature of renowned Montreal designer Bruno Braën, the winner of the 2012 Grand Prix du Design for the Auberge Saint-Gabriel and mastermind behind Big in Japan Bar, Mangiafoco and Pullman, amongst others. Bricks, glass, mirrors, slats, rigging and cables structure the three levels of open space, which displays playful and functional furnishings exuding a warm and inviting elegance.

The drinks are inspired by the neighbourhood’s glorious vintage nightlife and the contemporary yearning to return to basics. With old-school cocktails like the Old Fashioned and Rusty Nail, the menu also houses an array of new classics completed by a big wine list, craft beer kegs and a tasteful selection of local and international bottles.

Hungry? They got that covered, too. Somewhere between comfort food and fast food, the simple but perfectly prepared dishes include fried chicken, leek waffles, sweet and sour chili sauce, mushroom stew, sturgeon caviar, double chocolate brownies and eggnog ice cream… and more. The notable part? You order through the glass and get served American take-out style.

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

Cover photo by: Charles Mercier

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