Rogers is Working on a Massive 10-Tower Condo Project in Mississauga

Rogers is stepping into real estate.

According to the Toronto Star, Rogers Real Estate Development Limited, a private holding company owned by the Rogers family, will build a behemoth 10-tower expanse of condos and parkland in Mississauga’s City Centre.


It will sit on a parcel of land bought by Ted Rogers in 1960 and serve as a tribute to the telecom pioneer.

The total cost of the project hovers around $1.5 billion and will see more than two acres of public parkland complement the 4.3-million-square-foot development. It’s a pretty stunning undertaking for a piece of real estate that was originally purchased for $170,000 and intended to house a radio transmitter.


When all is done, the project will bear the name ‘M City’. Oh, and residents will be privy to Rogers high-speed Internet and cable TV, of course.

Construction is expected to begin in 2017 or 2018, with around 6,000 units planned across 10 towers of unique architectural design.

See more details about the project here.