Rocketr App

New iPhone app and web client Rocketr launched to sighs of relief from young professionals everywhere. Rocketr is lightning-fast note-taking tool that moves from note to note seamlessly – it’s never been this easy to get your ideas down, and fast.

Rocketr lets you create notebooks where you can store your notes. It has built-in team capabilities, which means multiple users can sync their notes together in real-time with everyone else in a Rocketr notebook. You can add editors online via the easy-to-use interface, so everyone in a notebook can see their notes sync together. There is a slew of note-taking features – everything from tweeting a note in using the hashtag #rkt to auto-syncing your notes to the web – that makes Rocketr a boastful and essential app. We caught up with Andrew Peek, Futurist and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Jet Cooper who leads the Rocketr Product Team, to give us some more insight into this essential tool.

Notable: Describe Rocketr in 50 words.
Andrew Peek: Note-taking for groups. A simple way to think of something, write it down and share it with the right people – all in a single step.

N: What was your inspiration behind Rocketr? Why did you decide to create it?
AP: Email was killing our ideas prematurely – we needed a way to let them breathe for a while so that conversations could emerge around the best ones.

N: How will Rocketr help users organize themselves?
AP: Rocketr lets you capture and share in one step. By creating a notebook, with editors who can all write into that notebook, you have an immediate ability to interact with a group or team on an idea or even just a thought. Rocketr lets you manage as many notebooks with as many different sets of editors as you like.

N: Are there plans to make the Rocketr app available on more than just the iOS platform, or will it be web-only for other users?
AP: Rocketr is available as both an iPhone and web app in its current state. The plans are to expand across other platforms, yes. I suspect iPad will be next in the roadmap.

N: What are the main functions of Rocketr?
AP: Taking notes in the fastest way possible (you can email and tweet notes into Rocketr as well); sending notes into notebooks – each user typically has many notebooks; you can follow public notebooks (some notebooks are publicly viewable, some are private and can only be viewed by the editors); allowing editors of a notebook to discuss and “like” notes; sharing notes and notebooks publicly with the social web.

N: What sets Rocketr apart from other applications that have similar functions?
AP: Rocketr is built around groups. It assumes that you want to have a synced up notepad where any group can share ideas or collections of thoughts on a given subject matter or project. Rocketr also focuses heavily on design which means that our users are more inclined to share notes and notebooks publicly since that attracts more people to follow their notebooks (if the notebook is public). You can sign up for the web app of Rocketr here, or download the iPhone app from the App Store.