Rob Ford Shamelessly Admits to Driving Solo in the Pan Am HOV Lanes

Well, at least he’s honest (this time).

Rob Ford admitted that – despite a vigorous campaign to encourage residents to obey the laws surrounding the lanes – he improperly uses the HOV lanes that have been enforced to regulate traffic caused by the Pan Am Games.

He says he often uses the lanes while driving alone, calling the lanes “a pain in the rear end.”

Of course, the temporary HOV lanes – which have been in place since June 29 – are reserved for accredited games vehicles, public transit vehicles, taxis, emergency vehicles, and vehicles with three or more people.

And, apparently, Rob Ford.

And he doesn’t care what you think about it, either.

During a break in a council meeting, Ford told reporters that he isn’t the only one who misuses the lanes.

“It’s not just me a lot of people have,” he said. “I have to get where I have to go.”

His advice?

“You have to watch the cops over your shoulder and just sort of bob and weave,” said Ford of driving solo in the HOV lanes.

Yes, City Councillor Rob Ford actually said this.

To be honest, the whole thing actually makes us laugh out loud, and confirms the fact that there really is nothing that Ward 2 Coun. Rob Ford could say or do that would surprise us at this point. Even being the lone vote against an anti-carding petition