ReWalk ExoSkeleton

Robots and a good cause? We’re in.

On October 7th at approximately 8am you can participate in the Breakfast with the ReWalk. The ReWalk is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that allows those with spinal cord injuries to walk upright and independently by providing powered hip and knee motion. Not only does this system simulate the natural gait patterns of legs, it’s also demonstrated significant potential physiological benefits.

With all that said, the ReWalk is the most used and studied technology of its kind.

So come out, learn a thing or two, and join Terry Hannigan, one of the 400 ReWalkers worldwide, who will be demonstrating the technology for us.

This is the most literal ‘walk for a good cause’ we’ve ever heard of.

The Vitals:
What: Breakfast with the ReWalk
Who: Technion Canada
When: Tuesday, October 7th at 8:00am
Where: Bistro Grande, 1000 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto M6C 2C5

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