We Tried the Frank and Oak Style Plan So You Don’t Have to (But You Should)

At Notable Life we’re all about services that will save us time while adding value to our professional lives.

A typical work week can consist of completely different daily schedules that might include an interview with a Notable Young Professional and then going straight to a launch for a new product or fashion line from, after which we head to a 5 à 7 for a restaurant opening. These days call for a work wardrobe that is polished but versatile – which is why I was so excited for a chance to test out the Frank and Oak Style Plan, a monthly subscription clothing box personally catered to your style and shipped to your doorstep. I have been following USA-only subscription-based shopping companies like Rent the Runway from my cold Canadian perch since their inception. My minor addiction to retail therapy means I often buy impractical pieces I never wear, so I loved the idea of being able to “test” out styles before fully committing to them.

Naturally, I was ecstatic to see Frank and Oak bring the option for a monthly subscription service north of the border. Frank and Oak got their start by catering to men by who couldn’t (or didn’t want to) turn to wives or girlfriends to help them pick out their clothing. The genius marketing promised a personalized and refined style that required very little effort and could be experimented with in the comfort of one’s own home. I was so happy to see Frank and Oak open their collection to women in 2016 – after all, it’s not easy being a #GirlBoss and finding time to put together a stylish wardrobe. 

Style Plan is a monthly subscription service but users only pay for items they keep. Every month, the Frank and Oak stylists select three items for you based on your personal style. You will be notified when your box is ready, and can confirm or edit the choices. From there you only keep what you love and send the rest back (shipping is free). If you do end up sending everything back that month, you’ll have to pay a $25 styling fee. We decided to test it out shortly after launch….


It’s personalized.

There is a reason why I hate online shopping, and it’s because I find the format overwhelming. In a physical store I can gravitate towards pieces that catch my eye. Having all options available online at once makes it hard to start anywhere. Frank and Oak’s style plan immediately narrows down the selection by asking the shopper to choose between a “Classic,” “Casual,” or “Creative” style and then guides them towards pieces that fit within each category. It felt like having my own stylist throughout the entire process. I could envision each piece adorning me from meeting to post-work drinks. I also had many chances to preview what was being shipped before it actually arrived. I landed on a pair of black skinny jeans, a grey ribbed t-shirt, and a versatile black blazer.


Delivered right to your door

My days are so packed that I find very little free time to shop after work. Items like the blazer and jeans that I picked out had been on my list to purchase for ages but the thought of going out and sifting through mountains of black jeans was too overwhelming to actually put into practice. It was so much fun to receive my Style Plan box at home knowing the personalized items were patiently waiting for me to try. I also loved that I got to try everything on at my leisure, and with other pieces I already owned, to make sure they would actually work with my wardrobe. In the end I decided to keep all items and highly recommend this service for busy millennials looking to add some versatile pieces to their wardrobe.

Verdict: if you’re busy and want to upgrade your closet with a few minimalist, versatile pieces, this is the perfect, non-comital way to do it.