Restaurant Wine on Your Time

It’s always the same old story. We’re out on the town enjoying a nice meal that’s only made better by a spectacular bottle of vino. We take a picture of said wine because we want to make sure we can pick up some of these grapes on our next liquor run. Only, guess what? We can’t get it at the LCBO. Cause even though Ontario is one of the largest single purchasers of beverage alcohol in the entire world, we’re still stuck with the choices they make.

If that little ball of antidotal frustration sounds familiar, then you’ll probably be as excited as us about the appearance of Toronto’s newest pop-up shop, Wine Wire. These guys cruised in last night to set up shop for the next four days at 45 Front St. East. From noon to 7pm everyday, they’ll have over 50 bottles cracked and waiting for you to taste when you arrive. Basically, the idea is exactly what we’ve outlined above. There are way too many wines that you can order at a restaurant but can’t seem to find at the LCBO – Wine Wire is taking care of that. While you can’t walk out of the pop-up shop with bottle in hand (again, the LCBO is an angry, competitive giant), you can work your way through a bevy of tasting options until you find the wine that’s just right for you. Then you simply place an order, wait a few days, and jump for joy when that wine arrives at your front door. It’s like show-rooming to make sure you get the wine that fits.

Owners Adam Bekhor and Nelson Abreu are both incredibly engaging and extremely knowledgeable. They’re eagerly passionate about wine but leave any traditional associations of snobbery to old men wearing monocles. Simply put, they want you to ask them questions. And the friendly dialogue that ensues will surely lead you to trying and buying some of the best wine you’ve ever had the chance to purchase in this province.  We went with the Hitching Post Pinot Noir (Sideways, anyone?!).

In case you missed it, Wine Wire’s pop-up shop is only open this week. So you’d better bust a move if you want to get your taste on. Of course, you can order from any day of the year, but we suggest you stop by the shop to talk to Adam and Nelson in person. Trust us, at the very least,you and your taste buds will learn a happy thing or two.