Restaurant Grinder Set to Open High-End Butcher Shop

As if owning three restaurants (Grinder, Hachoir and Lea) wasn’t enough, Jean-François Corriveau has now taken on another project: the art of butchery.

Specialized in meat aging, the Boucherie Grinder will showcase their meats like jewelry in a refrigerated display case visible from the street.

Fancy, right?

Master butcher Charles Bizeul was initiated to “neo-butchery,” a new trend promoting traceability, while trained at Fleisher’s, the New York butcher shop where the movement was born.

“During my training, I developed my knowledge
 in terms of nose to tail meat cutting, in dry aging, as well as in charcuterie. Over the weeks, I learned all of the techniques required for the complete cutting of the animal, as well as the processing of animal parts for retail and for restaurants,” says Charles.

Ready-to-serve dishes and seasonings for your meat will also be available on-site, making this a meat-lovers’ one-stop shop.

The bonus? Boucherie Grinder
 will allow for online orders, so your favourite steak can now be customized and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Talk about meat 2.0.