Research Suggests Watching Sad Movies Makes You Eat More (P.S. We Love You)

Movies and snacks are pretty much synonymous.

But it turns out the type of movie could affect the quantity of popcorn you stuff your face with.

A new study from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab revealed that moviegoers tend to eat more while watching a drama than a comedy.

Like, a lot more.

Researchers studied the snacking habits when watching both Love Story (a hopelessly romantic, yet tragic film) and Reese Witherspoon’s rom-com Sweet Home Alabama. Viewers ate 28% more popcorn (as assessed through discarded popcorn tubs) when viewing the former.

Similar findings were found when it came to the somber film Solaris and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Those who watched Solaris ate an average of 55% more popcorn than those who watched the former.

The good news for those who love tearjerkers?

The food doesn’t have to involve junk food – though, if we’re being honest, it likely will if you’re on the couch watching. The study’s authors state that sad movies also lead people to eat more of any healthy food that’s in front of them, too.

Meaning, popping in The Notebook in front of a bowl of fruits and veggies will make you feel way better about skipping the gym. 


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