ReQall App

We here at Notable know just how busy your schedule can be. After an early morning at the gym, you sit down at your desk to find a long list of calls to make. After your 11 o’clock with the boss and a brief lunch with a client, you rush off to a series of meetings around the city throughout the afternoon. When the workday is finally done, you meet your best friend for a quick coffee, then rush to that new bistro down the street before heading to the latest gallery opening. With so much on your plate, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But with reQall 3.1.2 on your smart phone, your hectic day just got a lot more manageable. This application by QTech Inc. – a tech firm with operations in the US, Hong Kong, and India – is a voice-enabled memory aid that conveniently integrates your phone, email, calendars, texts, and notes into a single organizer and reminder system. It’s currently available on the iPhone and Blackberry, and is free to download!

There are about a trillion apps to sort through at the App Store, but this is definitely among the most notable.

First, reQall automatically syncs your Outlook, Google Calendar, and contact lists. Second, it recognizes reoccurring dates, times, and key words to make sure your schedule stays up to date. Third, it shows you a map of all the places you need to be, and the fastest ways to get there. And it sends you reminders via emails, SMS, or IMs.

But perhaps the coolest feature is reQall’s voice recognition technology. You can capture your ideas, commitments, and tasks while they’re on the top of your mind by simply speaking into your phone. Then reQall 3.1.2 conveniently converts what you say into text.

And just in case you find yourself a little extra distracted, reQall’s patent pending “Memory Jogger” constantly displays all the things you need to remember “here and now.”

To get your hands on this notable app, just log on to Apple’s App Store and download away! Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how to ever conducted a career or social life without it.

The only problem is, now you won’t have an excuse for missing that meeting!