Refresh for Spring/Summer 2012

Although the balmy weather began way early this year throughout most of the country, it is now almost mid May, which means that the Spring/Summer 2012 season is officially here. Much like the beginning of a new year, a new season is also a time to reflect, set goals and refresh. What do you need to be ready for summer 2012? 

Have you ever looked back on a season – say the winter of 2009, for example – and almost shuttered at how horrible it was because it was tainted by a bad relationship? How do you want to remember the summer of 2012? Look at the person beside you in bed. Are you excited at the prospect of spending hours on the tennis court, Sunday afternoons poolside or on patios and weekends (or perhaps even weeks) away with him or her this summer? Or has the warmer weather caused you to become restless, your eyes to wander and the adoption of a subsequent “single for the summer” mentality like you had in college? If so, it may be time to re-evaluate. 

Identify what you want out of your job for the summer season. Just because summer months may mean summer hours, more opportunity for after-work patio drinks and rotating weeks off among co-workers, don’t adopt a “lazy days of summer” mentality in your professional life. Set certain goals you want to accomplish before Labour Day, even if Labour Day marks the day in which you decide whether to leave or stay at your current company.

Have you ever had the seasons change quicker than your wardrobe? And wondered what did I even wear last summer? We usually like to start the season by purchasing a selection of staple footwear, especially because it is much more affordable than the fall splurge on a selection of winter-appropriate boots. Shoes are a good starting point for a spring/summer wardrobe because you can then gradually buy appropriate complimentary pieces of clothing throughout the season as you see fit. The staples? New flip-flops, boat shoes, casual kicks and a splurge on a pair of dressier shoes for weekends and after-work events.

Even the most stylish YPs can become so used to their home environment that they don’t realize when it has become stale or in need of refreshment. Use the changing seasons as an excuse to refresh your home. This means more than busting out the outdoor furniture for the balcony, terrace, or backyard. Buy a fresh, light duvet cover and new sheets for the summer to freshen up your bedroom. Change up the pillows on your couch for something more fun and colourful. A few months back, we discussed a growing trend among YPs to rotate furniture (from condo to storage unit) when a growing furniture collection (in anticipation of a future house) is too large to fit at once in a living space. If this is the case, make a point to rotate your furniture seasonally. 

Especially if your work schedule or finances didn’t allow you to take a deserved vacation over the winter, make sure you take time to venture out of the city this summer, even if only for a few weekends scattered throughout the summer months. You will quickly become resentful of spending the few precious months of impeccable weather staring out the window from your desk if you don’t indulge in a change of scenery here and there. As summer weekends fill up quickly for the typical YP and YP circles of friends (especially with weddings seemingly every weekend) start planning now for July and August.

There you have it. So, shake that winter off of you and re-evaluate, refresh and recharge for the season – who knows, the summer of 2012 could go down in history as your best yet!