Reese Witherspoon’s New Southern Inspired Store is Really Pretty…Awful

Reese Witherspoon thinks it’s 1950. 

With the launch of her new Southern-inspired clothing store/lifestyle blog, Draper James, Reese has managed to throw herself into the ring with other currently-out-of-touch celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow

‘Cause you know what, “You only get one life – so let’s make it pretty.”

Yeah, Reese, let’s do that. 

Of course, if we’re dropping $150 for a top and $60 for a t-shirt (not to mention cringe-worthy handbags that say things like ‘totes y’all’), we’re expecting to feel pretty damn pretty. 

In her About page video, Reese explains that “this brand Draper James is inspired by my romance, my love of the South, combined with the modern woman I am today.”

The next sentence?

“I created this brand for you, the perfect dress so you feel pretty always, and the right stationary for every occasion – and, I mean, there’s a lot of occasions.”
Feeling pretty always and having the right stationary handy hardly seem like appropriate goals for the modern woman. 

And this is the celebrity face behind the social media campaign #AskHerMore? The one who claimed (rightly) that, “We’re more than just our dresses” just a few months ago…

Look, we like some Southern flair too. We just don’t like receding into a Pleasantville-like past. 

But what can you expect from someone whose “grandmother Dorothea only drove white Cadillacs – always while wearing proper driving gloves.” Must. Be. Nice. 

So yes, everything is coming up pretty, Reese. Pretty awful… 


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