Reebok Launches Online Fitness Community and App

Reebok announced yesterday the launch of two innovative digital tools with ReebokONE and the Reebok Fitness app. ReebokONE is an online fitness community that connects fitness professionals around the world in a firm mission to make people fit for life. The network acts as a hub where fitness experts from around the globe can connect and find inspiration among fellow professionals, helping them to develop their skill set, progress their careers and create a brand for themselves. This is perfect for those young professionals (YPs) who have left corporate gigs to open fitness studios or practice and teach yoga.  

Once you sign up to the (free) online platform, fitness professionals can create their own personalized web page, with customizable URL, where they can upload photos, update an “About Me” section, upload their certifications and areas of expertise, as well as add locations where they teach. This enables members to connect with clients and other fitness experts around the world, making ReebokONE the premier fitness destination for fitness professionals. Think of it as the LinkedIn of the fitness world. 

Besides the networking advantages, the network offers a number of other perks. Instructors that sign up to ReebokONE also gain access to a number of member rewards, like a 25 per cent discount on Reebok products, the ability to earn commission on Reebok products they recommend, and access to exclusive fitness content from Reebok. The concept is simple: to earn commission, members are required to sign up to the commission program, which then allows visitors to purchase products displayed in the ‘My Favorite Gear’ section of their profile. Members will then receive a commission on every purchase made through their page without having to do anything further.

Other bonuses? Signing up to the network unlocks exclusive fitness content from Reebok that covers a wide range of topics designed to enhance the careers and skill set of fitness professionals. This includes a ‘Learn From The Best’ feature, where members can gain insights into the latest fitness trends, gear and advice, and a ‘Featured Professional’ section that allows members to learn from other fitness and training experts – like what we do with our daily young professional and entrepreneur profiles on Notable.

If you’re not quite a “fitness professional,” Reebok has something for you, too. If your workout is becoming as routine as your morning commute, The Reebok Fitness app is designed to inject variety into workout programs, and help rejuvenate that fitness routine by creating new and varied workouts using a combination of popular disciplines – walking, running, dance, yoga and training. 

The free Reebok Fitness app, available on Apple and Android devices and online here, allows users to create customized workout programs based on activities they already love and new activities they’d like to try. Users simply select the length of the program they require, followed by the percentage of time they would like to focus on each activity, and the Reebok Fitness app will generate a workout routine based on their individual preferences. Consisting of a variety of different workouts to complete each week, the program can be personalized further by allocating certain workouts to specific days of the week to ensure you never miss a workout. With over 200 workouts, the app gives people a chance to try new activities and plan a varied workout program in just a few steps (because nobody has time for anything else).