Record Crowd Takes in Vancouver’s Diner en Blanc

Word officially popped into our inboxes at about 5pm last Thursday wherein we learned of the event’s location prior to the masses.  Under embargo to bite our tongue on the reveal, we quietly made our way over to the expanse of lawn adjacent to Science World in False Creek… just ahead of thousands of arriving diners.

Both the city skyline and water’s edge location provided a pretty sweet backdrop for the night ahead. Add to this wave after wave of arriving partygoers dressed in obligatory head-to-toe white, carting tables chairs, linens as well as decorative accents, and even BBQs, and you had a pretty spectacular scene indeed.

We took in the scene from our vantage point as musician Elea Sauniér took to the stage and added a twist of international flare to the celebratory mix with her jazzy crooning. A seemingly endless array of moments was captured as smartphones and cameras were raised while people paused to pose for photos prior to table setup.

In between bumping into friends, colleagues and new acquaintances, we happily partook in the organized chaos – simply drinking it all in as the evening got underway. It wasn’t until event organizers Tyson Villeneuve and Jordan Kallman (The Social Concierge) took to the stage for an official toast that the energetic buzz had reason to pause – and then it was back to party mode.

This year saw guests arrive by train, foot and private boat with a special VIP Table d’Honneur featuring original centerpiece designs courtesy of Kelly Deck and deluxe dinner served by Chef David Hawksworth

Like many, we opted to piece together our own posh picnic, creating our own epicurean masterpiece (thank you Urban Fare deli department). We happily hunkered down with our eclectic mix of tablemates and pre-purchased vino for a memorable al fresco meal as DJ Marc Fournier fueled the atmosphere with internationally infused beats.

Post eats, we perused the scene and made our way around the party grounds meeting plenty of noteworthy attendees en route.  Before long, it was time for the official DEB salute, where the sky is set ablaze by more than 2500 sparklers simultaneously lit as balloons are released into the night sky. Accompanying this striking moment came the evening’s final performance courtesy of Mimosa, who beckoned diners to put on their dancing shoes.

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