Recap: Thoroughbred in Vancouver

This past weekend, Notable pulled out our best Hamptons-inspired attire and attended the annual “event of the summer,” Thoroughbred: A Day at the Races alongside nearly 800 other guests. Dubbed Vancouver’s ‘best elite social mixer’, the event does not disappoint: pulling together the Who’s Who in the zoo – decked out in fedoras and fascinators.

Just as a race was finishing, we walked the red carpet, passing the obligatory photo wall, flanked by a seriously stunning silvery Rolls Royce that helped set the stage for what awaited inside.

Sultry jazz music wafted throughout the massive tented space and VIP areas as well-adorned partygoers lined up to try their hand at betting on a winner. We checked into the Cigar Lounge, took in some bocce and mingled with masses (cocktail in-hand, of course, and courtesy of the Bourbon Bar).

With the sun beating down and DJ Johnny Jover spinning his equally-as-hot beats to up the ante on the party factor, the event kicked into seriously high gear late into the afternoon. If you needed respite from all the action though, no one had cause to fear: Milano Espresso Bar catered to the caffeine needs of the crowd with trays of steaming shots in constant rotation.

This event was the perfect blend of fancy and fun and was an afternoon we’re plugging into next years’ Notable must-do social agenda.

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