Recap: 3rd Annual Luxury Supercar Weekend

This weekend, Notable attended the 3rd Annual Luxury Supercar Weekend that saw well-heeled auto-aficionados from Vancouver and beyond flocking to the lush grounds of Van Dusen Gardens.

A meandering path swept attendees into a stunning open-air showroom showcasing a vast array of both collectors and yet-to-be released models of cars from around the world.

We found ourselves lingering between the chic and shiny Aston Martins in-between sips of Moet & Chandon Champagne, but had plenty of time to peruse the collection of Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benzs, and Maseratis as well – the list of luxury cars seemed endless.

Both afternoons of this weekend-long event were perfectly punctuated by a series of designer fashion shows (courtesy of Boboli, MaxMara, and Roden Gray) as well as trips to one of several VIP areas and lounges (we loved the Cathay Pacific one!)

Though we didn’t get run-over by the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport when it cruised onto the scene, we narrowly-avoided the on-site film crew as they scampered after official stars of The Housewives of Vancouver who were taping for their upcoming season.

This was one stylin’ soiree, and worth getting revved-up for when it returns next year. Don’t take it from us though, cruise through our gallery and see for yourselves.