Reboot Your Routine for Fall to Feel More Energized 

According to Health Expert Sonia Jhas, the key to feeling strong and energized as we get older is finding a wellness routine that adapts to your body’s changing needs. One key step in this wellness routine – is nutrients. As we age, the type and amount of nutrients we need change – understanding these differences empowers us to get even better with age. 

Q: Hi Sonia! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

A: Hello! I am a mindset and wellness expert with a background in fitness and nutrition. I am passionate about helping people work with their bodies, instead of against them, to reach their health and wellness goals. My particular focus is looking at both the physical and mental aspects of wellness and encouraging a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. From my experience, this is what creates long-lasting transformations. I spend my time speaking about wellness and educating people on adopting a more holistic approach to health, and I just published my first book, titled I’ll Start Again Tomorrow: And Other Lies I’ve Told Myself.

Q: What are some of your top wellness tips and tricks to help folks feel mentally and physically healthy for the fall season?

A: As the weather gets cooler and the days become shorter, the most important thing is to keep our minds and bodies strong. I always recommend keeping things as simple as possible; there is no need to over-complicate things. Something as simple as going for a walk in the mornings can boost our mood while also tending to our physical health. Wellness also starts with what we put into our bodies. When transitioning into a new season, it’s important that everybody feels strong.

Q: Why is fall a good time to reboot our wellness routines?

A: The transition into a new season offers a great opportunity to reflect and reboot our routines based on our needs. For the cooler months, maintaining a healthy and positive mindset is just as important as physical fitness.

To reboot our wellness routines at the start of a new season, I always recommend starting small and setting tangible goals. For example, if we’re looking to revamp our diets, we can start small and head back to the basics. This can look like incorporating a smoothie made from some fruit and spinach into our daily routine.

Q: With September being Healthy Aging Month, can you discuss the importance of nutrition and exercise for healthy aging? 

A: September is Healthy Aging Month, which gives us a chance to talk about the realities of getting older, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Staying mentally and physically fit is extra important as we age, and what we put into our bodies is a great place to start. With aging, the type and amount of nutrients we need change – understanding these differences empowers us to lean into the aging process mindfully and gracefully.

Q: What are some simple ways parents can incorporate healthy practices into their lives to improve their children’s overall wellness and their own?

A: As a mom of two, I know the struggle of finding time for wellness while juggling busy schedules and extracurriculars while running on not enough sleep. Remember: start small. Breakfast is a key factor to start our day off on a strong note, and this goes an especially long way for children. Parents can easily incorporate healthy smoothies into their family’s breakfast to ensure everyone is kicking off the day feeling energized and satisfied.

Q: How do you stay energized and disciplined in your wellness routine with the daily distractions and stressors we all face?

A: Wellness is an ongoing journey that looks different for everyone, so tailoring your routine to your needs is what will give you results. For me, it has been a journey of finding what works for me and staying motivated through the ups and downs by staying clear on my “why.” In addition to marrying the “mind” work with the “body” work, remember that how we fuel our bodies is just as important. If we have low energy going into the day, we are less likely to maintain momentum in our routines. There will always be distractions and setbacks, but if we feel grounded in our intentions and strong from the inside out, we can maintain a positive outlook and achieve our wellness goals no matter the season.

Photo provided by Sonia Jhas