The Real Housewives of Toronto: Gregoriane Minot is Not a Betch

Notable met with Slice’s Real Housewives of Toronto ahead of broadcast to get to know the cast on a more professional level. What you may not see on The Real Housewives of Toronto is that each woman is successful in her own right, professionally and personally.

Plus, Gregorian Minot is not a betch.

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and was adopted at the age of two weeks old by a French father and Canadian mother. I grew up in Montréal and I became a child actor.  I’ve been working in that field since I was 10. I met my husband Pierre in Montréal, and we both moved to Toronto and had two beautiful, incredible children.

What do you miss the most in Montreal?

I miss my family and closest friends. I feel like Montreal has such a laid back vibe in the city and miss that as well.

How do you raise your children to be positive and future community leaders?

I want my daughter to always believe in herself, and to not be afraid to speak for herself, and to fight for everything she believes in. I grew up with a mother who is a feminist so I grew up with women with who have strong personalities and equal share of everything. My mother is my inspiration and she is a leader. She taught me to always speak my mind, and that it’s safe to have an opinion.

How important motherhood is to you?

My children are my biggest achievement, motherhood is my priority. I always knew I was going to be a mother and it’s taught me to be less centred because everything changes. Your priorities change. I feel as though now I know the meaning of unconditional love.

How was your experience on the show?

It’s been an amazing experience, with challenges as well, but it’s good to have challenges. I’ve been really enjoying my journey so far, and I’ve met these amazing women on the show, so I’m just embracing the moment.

What side of you hasn’t been captured on the show?

I want the readers to know that yes I love to have fun, but I’m also very disciplined and organized and have work ethic. In order to be myself I have to have a very balanced life too. So hopefully in season two they will see the more business side of me as opposed to just the fun side!